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**Please Note: The 2020 pandemic has created a pause of our services in our location at the Red Barn in Durham, CT. Please feel free to contact us directly and/or subscribe to our Site for updates about our re-opening early spring 2021. thank you!


Plant-based Wellness is a movement - not a trend.

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Ancient Wisdom Skincare is a concept born as a result of 25+ years of research and working with clients in the Esthetics and Whole Health Industries. The name Ancient Wisdom Skincare (AW) for our new website was chosen appropriately because we utilize the most current science explaining what the ancients knew and how they applied this to their health & beauty regimes. Along with modern knowledge & techniques, each of the products are created with the intention for the plant & mineral components to work alongside our human physiology to provide literally, the most advanced skincare products on the planet today. All products listed on this site have been chosen carefully to offer tools for your enhanced quality of healthy skin along with well being from the inside out and the outside in….resulting in a healthy glowing skin that truly, holistically, illuminates the mind, body and soul as well.

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Board Communications Effectiveness

By lisacath | March 1, 2021 |

We all of are living in a good new inescapable fact. Changes transpire very fast, brand-new systems come out, along with bias heightens regularly. The particular planning intervalle is becoming less, strategies that have been written 15 years in upfront reduce their particular relevance. What exactly made organizations profitable around the recent no longer ensures…

Medieval combing method!!! No more shampoo

By admin | February 23, 2021 |

Medieval combing method!!! No more shampoo Sharing my experience of not washing my hair for ages!!! And using the combing method which totally works!!!

用鲜花给自己做了套胭脂,原来古代的胭脂眉黛膏是这样做出来的make natural lipstick with flowers

By admin | February 23, 2021 |

用鲜花给自己做了套胭脂,原来古代的胭脂眉黛膏是这样做出来的make natural lipstick with flowers In A Dream of Red Mansions, Baoyu made rouge by himself, saying ‘This is made from the essence of the very best saf­flower, which is steamed after all impurities have been extracted and attar added. You need only take a little on a pin, rub it on your lips and…

History of Beauty Ideals 101

By admin | February 22, 2021 |

History of Beauty Ideals 101 Beauty ideals have a long history that we should pay close attention to! What do they tell us? Who creates them? And who benefits from them? By learning the past history of beauty ideals and seeing how drastically they change over time, we can empower ourselves to choose how we…

Try Ancient Beauty Products To Get The Glowing Skin

By admin | February 22, 2021 |

Try Ancient Beauty Products To Get The Glowing Skin The Ancient Beauty Products to get glowing skin

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"The healer you have been looking for is your own courage to know and love yourself completely"

- Yung Pueblo

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